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Today's Morning Brief is brought to you by Canadian egg, chicken, turkey and hatching egg farmers.

23-05-2019, 18:30 Politics

The Trudeau government is stalling on implementing promised changes to a federal loan program for canola producers struggling amidst the ongoing trade dispute with China, the opposition Conservatives say. Tory

23-05-2019, 18:30 Politics

Pens costing $78 each purchased by a Crown corporation lending money to farmers, 5,274 rubber ducks procured by Canada’s cyber security agency and $66 bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar bought by Canada’s

20-05-2019, 17:40 Politics

The post-Victoria Day long weekend calm before the pre-recess storm As always, this could change in a nanosecond, but at least at press time, it looks like the precinct is about to experience what will likely be the

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Today’s Holiday Brief is brought to you by Canada2020. We are hosting the 44th President of the United States, President Barack Obama, for a live event at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa. Click here to get your

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Tonight’s Evening Brief is brought to you by GovGUIDE. The ultimate resource for all things #cdnpoli including profiles on all MPs and Senators, an events calendar and the day’s legislative agenda. Click here to learn

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As two of the world’s largest economies escalated their ongoing trade war, a senior government source says Canada’s prime minister saw a golden opportunity to end a nagging trade dispute of his own with the U.S. With

17-05-2019, 18:30 Politics

Environmental groups are slamming members of a Senate committee for approving 187 amendments to the Liberal government’s sweeping environmental assessment bill — a move one advocate calls “unprecedented.” Organizations

17-05-2019, 17:00 Politics

The Senate has agreed to accept a government amendment to legislation on marine conservation, paving the way for Bill C-55 to pass into law. Senators on Thursday voted to concur with a message from the House of Commons

17-05-2019, 15:30 Politics

Canada’s pork industry says materials have been submitted to Chinese authorities for review after customs officials suspended the export permits from two Canadian plants because of paperwork concerns. John Ross, the