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Toronto is surrounded by wonderful places to visit and explore. Here are several options from a guy lucky enough to have explored a great deal of Southern Ontario.

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Snap the picture perfect brunch shot at Toronto's most Instagrammable restaurants.

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Plus, four other travel stories that were trending on this week. Canada is a big place and so is the internet. You can’t be expected to read all of the travel news out there. Each week, we round up round-up

15-08-2019, 17:00 Travel

For a short, or extended, stay, line readies 40-plus cruises to this north Atlantic territory

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I can barely recall the names of all the greenery we foraged for along the North Atlantic Ocean that wind-swept day on Avondale Beach in Newfoundland when the tide was out and a frigid spring was quietly refusing to

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Airlines are making a killing by charging for add-ons like seat upgrades You might hum and haw over that $40 upgrade that’ll get you some extra leg room in the exit row, but for the airline you’re booking with, that fee

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It was the allure of kayaking alongside dolphins that landed me in Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy — twin coastal towns located at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. (The latter is named for the year that

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I don’t mind if the ocean wakes me up — roaring, gulping and heaving its way back to a semblance of calm after a night of angry thunder and jagged streaks of lightning. The island’s famous red dirt is dark and heavy

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Vancouver doesn’t have to try too hard to take a good picture. It’s like that naturally beautiful friend of yours who looks good, even when they are lacking sleep or battling a cold. It almost doesn’t seem fair. There’s

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The internet is an amazing tool for travellers, but there was a time, not that long ago, that people explored the world without the benefit of instant communication and easy access to information. Here are 10 things