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The Beatles Book Hunter Davies Penguin Random House   Jamie Portman LONDON — The black-and-white photograph is a haunting remembrance of times past. It shows a youthful Paul McCartney and actress Jane Asher, to whom he

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Hideaway Nicole Lundrigan Viking Jamie Portman   It all began with Stephen King’s Misery. “I usually forget what I was thinking about when starting a book,” Canadian novelist Nicole Lundrigan confesses. But not this

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Bernie Goedhart The dog days of summer seem like a perfect time to focus on some books with canine characters that have been in my to-be-reviewed pile for several months now: Good Rosie! Kate DiCamillo Candlewick Press

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Do you know someone you want to thank for being a friend? Someone with whom you’ve travelled down a road and back again? Their heart is true, they’re a pal and a confidant? Chances are they’re part of your chosen

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In the opening scene of the dramatic TV comedy There She Goes, nine-year-old Rosie is refusing to walk to the park with her father. Scratch that. She’s not just refusing, she’s lying down in the street and wailing like

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Jaleel White may have put his mother on a show called 50 Ways To Kill Your Mum — sending her careening through the desert in an off-road vehicle, and surrounding her with a swarm of bees — but family still matters to

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In its three short seasons, Netflix’s Queer Eye has gifted viewers with so much: For instance, Tan France and his devotion to the French tuck, Karamo Brown’s mix of sequins and swagger, and proclamations like “Yaaaas!

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YTV is celebrating 20 years of SpongeBob SquarePants with SpongeBob 20 Best Year Ever, a tribute to the optimistic ocean-dwelling sponge. Programming on July 13 and 14 will feature back-to-back episodes, movies and the

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Netflix may have named one of its newest dark comedies Dead to Me, but fans are very much living for the home decor of lead character Jen, played by Christina Applegate. Jen, a recently widowed real-estate agent, has a

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Claws of the Panda Jonathan Manthorpe Cormorant Books Jamie Portman “China has no rule of law as it is understood in Western liberal democracies; the judicial system in China works to the benefit of the government only.